Lighting Kit

Product Color: Yellow
Products Brand: M-Power
Availabity: In Stock

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Peak Power: 15Wp

Solar Panel Type: Mono

Input Voltage: 38Wh

Number of USB 5V: 2

Number of DC35135 7.4V: 5

LED Bulb: 4x2W

Radio: Integrated

Battery Type: LiFePo4

Input Current: Max 1A

USB 5V Current:  Max 2A (Total)

DC35135 7.4V Current: Max 2A


Lighting Kit 38 Wh
Cash K2500
3 Months K1115
6 Months K620
12 Months K370
18 Months  K295
24 Months K260
36 Months K235


The Poduct Lighting Kit does not have a video